How to Watch Oscars 2019 Live Stream Online

The Oscars red carpet 2019 is just a few months away, and all the fans are pretty excited about it. This time, the award event will be held in February where you will get a chance to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrities.

For the Hollywood industry, almost every person wants to be present at the grand Oscar awards night. This event is often described as the most prestigious one where some brilliant films are nominated to win the battle of the very best one.

All over the world, people just wait to watch the Oscar Awards on their cable connection. And, in case you don’t have it, sulking is not the option. We are into the high-pace internet world where everything is moving towards a connected sphere.

If you want to watch the Oscars Awards 2019 online, several lists of options are waiting to seek your attention. You can choose from a list of reliable services or move on to social media to watch it for free.

Therefore, let’s move ahead and discover some of the most known as well as not so known online streaming channels to live stream the Oscar 2019 awards.

Here are the different streaming services to watch Oscar 2019 Awards online

Whether you want to watch the ceremony online or want to watch the entire Oscar award for free, we have got plenty of options for you.

Among the free services, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit make it free to watch the Oscars Award 2019 for free.

Yahoo is yet another service which streams sports events on different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. While you can watch the awards for free, you will have to see different ads which will pop up during the live stream. Moreover, we will briefly describe each of the free options in the later part of this article.

Oscar Paid Stream Services

One of the best ways to watch Oscars 2019 Live stream is to use premium paid services. Firstly,  ABC provides you for attending the Oscar Awards on PPV which means pay per view arrangement.

Whether you are watching the awards through cable or satellite network, paying for the subscription is the only option.

Other than this, there are some more streaming options available which boast of some cool premium services.

Given below is the list of paid streaming services which can help you to watch the Oscars event live online without the need for a cable connection


For people who prefer cutting the cord, the Abcgolive is a perfect option for them. With Abcgolive, you don’t need a satellite or cable to watch the Oscar awards 2019. This online channel makes everything possible for people to watch the award on the Internet.

This requires a fast Internet connection which can make your stream run effortlessly without any interruption. It is compatible with your laptops, computers and even works fine on Android and iOS devices.

Sling TV

Another great channel to watch the Oscars Awards Online is the Sling TV. This is a perfect cable alternative which you must see that the channel is available in your locality or not.  

Plenty of the Oscar fans have made use of this online channel in the past to view Oscar Awards.

By using the Sling TV, you can enjoy high-quality streaming of the Oscar Awards right from the comfort of your home. If you are living in an area where the Internet connection speed is high, you can enjoy seamless Oscar award streaming without any issue.

You must have a Sling TV account before you can stream the Oscar Awards.

Furthermore, you can make use of a laptop, computer or a mobile device to use Sling TV and watch Oscar Awards 2019 online.

Fubo TV

For people who don’t want to view the Oscar awards on satellite or cable, Fubo TV is yet another brilliant option. It helps to stream with the help of the Internet, and all you need is to require a high-speed Internet connection.

Unlike Sling TV, the quality of the stream depends on the speed of your Internet Connection.

To access Fubo TV, you will need to make sure whether the channel is available in your locality or not. What’s more? You can use FuboTV to stream the Oscar Events 2019 on a smartphone, computer laptop or any other compatible devices.

Hulu with Live TV

In most parts of America, Hulu is one of the most popular live streaming services. It is specially designed for people who don’t want to use cable or satellite to watch their favorite events.

It is available in most parts of the world, but you will have to see whether it is available in your country or not as the service is restricted in certain parts of the world. Apart from the Oscar Awards 2019 live streaming, the Live TV even offers other channel streaming service.

All that you need is a fast-speed Internet connection and watching the Oscar Awards 2019 becomes a cake walk.

YouTube TV

Don’t confuse YouTube with YouTube TV as they both are far different from each other.  If you are looking for a superior quality streaming service, YouTube TV is a good choice. At present, it is available in many parts of America and even beyond that.

However, like any other paid streaming TV, this will need a high-speed Internet connection. Another set of requirements include television, phone, tablet or any compatible device.

Readily available, you can keep the YouTube TV as an excellent option to watch Oscar 2019 Awards online.

PlayStation Vue

With compatible devices like the PS3 and PS4, PlayStation Vue is a good choice. This is pretty much a handy option as you don’t need a console to view the Oscar Awards 2019 online.

You need the Vue app to avail the service though. Another requirement is the availability of a fast internet connection. With faster speeds, you can watch a live stream of the awards without interruption. Without the need of a satellite or cable connection, you can watch Oscar Awards 2019 live with complete ease and comfort.

What’s more from PlayStation Vue? Right from the start, you get a free trial subscription plan. This lasts for a few days where you can check PlayStation Vue and see whether it caters to your needs or not.

If you find it reliable, you can then opt for their paid plan, find the best one and watch Oscars Awards 2019 Live.

How to Watch Oscars Awards 2019 Live Stream on a Tablet or Mobile Phone

If you are a busy person or run a company, taking out time to watch the Oscars awards can be a huge ask. You can’t sit down in your home and watch the awards without a single issue. Therefore, you can make use of a Smartphone or a tablet to stream the Oscars Awards 2019 live anytime and anywhere.

The smartphone devices are incredibly portable, and you can take them almost anywhere to watch the grand Oscar Awards.

What do you need to watch Oscar’s event live online on your smartphone? Well, you just need an operator who delivers high-speed Internet connection and a Live TV App.

Firstly, you can download your preferred app and make it feasible to watch the Oscars 2019 Awards online. After which, you can tune in to Oscar Awards 2019 ceremony, starting with the Red carpet and then watch the entire ceremony from anywhere.

Watch Oscars online on Roku, KODI, Fire TV, and Chromecast

Looking for other alternatives to watch the Oscars Awards 2019 online? You can watch it on Amazon fire television, Kodi, Chromecast and Roku. If you live in the locality where live streaming channels are supported, you can rely on the above services to watch the Oscars Awards 2019 online.

Furthermore, you will have to think about the costings and select the plans which meet your needs. These channels can even stream with a net connection, but you will need to choose a compatible device. They even have collaboration with ABC Television to stream the Oscars Awards 2019 live for Hollywood Fans. You can use them on your Smartphone, Television or your Laptop when you are away for work. For Americans, this is a pretty good option, but the primary issue is the popping up of commercial ads.

If you can bear the commercials and have a high-speed Internet connection, the above-given options are the best to watch the Oscars Awards 2019 live.

How to Watch the Academy Awards live on Social Media

Social media networking is definitely on the rise whereas newer apps are surfacing each passing day. Among the popular ones, you may find Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and some other which provides the facility to stream online.

To watch the Oscar Awards 2019 online, you can make use of the social media platforms to stream it for almost free. So! Let’s find out some of the best social media channels to watch Oscar Awards 2019, free of cost.


If you want to stream the Oscar Awards 2019 Live on social media, you will need to first create an account on them. In case if you are using Reddit, you can visit the subreddit section and stream the Oscar Awards 2019 event.

You can watch it on your laptop, computer or any other device which supports Reddit.


Another high and one of the most reliable options to stream the Oscar Awards 2019 is on YouTube. Inevitably, it is one of the most promising platforms which delivers superior quality even with a moderate speed Internet connection. You can watch the Oscar Awards as clear as you see it on the TV with the help of YouTube. I guess the majority of the fans will use YouTube to stream the Oscar Awards 2019 awards.


Another great option and yet another ray of hope to watch the Oscars event 2019 live. Regularly, people upload live images of the events, and if you are connected with their account, you can get frequent updates. It is free, and all that you need is a Facebook account and a moderate to a high-speed Internet connection.


If you have an account on Twitter, you have the option to browse different channels and stream the Oscar 2019 Awards. In case, if you have friends on Twitter (we are sure you have!), you can ask for video tweets and catch a glimpse of the 2019 Oscar event.

How to watch the Oscars live streaming 2019 Awards Using a VPN

VPN’s are another great option to watch Oscar’s 2019 awards right from the comfort of your homes. In areas where the use of VPN is not restricted, you can freely watch the award by choosing the appropriate VPN plan.

Also, even in areas where censorship is powerful, VPN’s are a great way to bypass firewall security.VPN options are plenty, and you can go for any of the service providers which you feel is the best one.

Some of the best options of VPN which can allow you to stream the Oscar 2019 event are as follows:

  •         NordVPN
  •         ExpressVPN
  •         CyberGhost
  •         PrivateVPN
  •         Hotspot Shield

How to Stream Oscar 2019 Using a DNS Proxy

Like any VPN service, DNS proxy works the similar way. It takes your location to an anonymous one with which you can easily stream the Oscar 2019 Awards.

How? It helps in breaking every possible geological barrier and presents a different IP Address. Once you have a high-speed Internet Connection, you can choose this method to live-stream the Oscar 2019 Awards.

Wrapping Things Up

The 91st Oscar Award is one of the most prestigious awards for celebrities as well as for their fans.  Almost every individual wants to stream online such big event which was the primary motive for us to write this article.

Well, we know the craze for Oscar events, and as and when it arrives in February, you will see the Internet flooded with streaming channels.

Lastly, I hope you liked this article, and if you have any sorts of questions, you can email us. We will be super glad to respond to your emails and help you in every possible way.