Resolving the Canvas Out of Memory Error. Tips and Solutions

Resolving the Canvas Out of Memory Error. Tips and Solutions

In this blog post, we will explore the dreaded Canvas Out of Memory Error that often plagues artists, designers, and digital creators. We will delve into the causes behind this error, its implications, and most importantly, provide you with actionable tips and solutions to overcome it. So, if you’ve ever encountered this frustrating error while working on your digital canvas, keep reading!
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1. Introduction to the Canvas Out of Memory Error

The Canvas Out of Memory Error is a common issue faced by artists, designers, and digital creators who work with large and complex digital canvases. This error occurs when the software or application you are using to create digital art runs out of memory to handle the canvas size, resulting in a system crash or freezing of the software. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of an important project. Let’s dive deeper into the causes behind this error and understand its implications.

2. Causes of the Canvas Out of Memory Error

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of the Canvas Out of Memory Error. Some common causes include:
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a) Large Canvas Size

Working with large canvas sizes, especially in high resolutions, requires a significant amount of memory. When your canvas dimensions exceed the capacity of your system’s available memory, this error may occur.

b) Multiple Layers and Effects

Using numerous layers, complex effects, and filters in your artwork can put a strain on your system’s resources. Each layer and effect requires additional memory allocation, increasing the chances of encountering the out of memory error.
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c) Insufficient System Resources

If your computer or device does not have enough RAM or processing power to handle resource-intensive tasks, such as working with large canvases or running resource-hungry software, it can contribute to the occurrence of this error.

3. Implications of the Canvas Out of Memory Error

Encountering the Canvas Out of Memory Error can have various implications on your workflow and productivity. Some notable consequences include:

a) Loss of Unsaved Work

When the error occurs, it often leads to a software crash or freezing, forcing you to close the program forcefully. If you haven’t saved your progress recently, you risk losing hours of hard work.

b) Disruption in Workflow

Dealing with frequent crashes and error messages can disrupt your creative flow and hinder productivity. It can be challenging to maintain focus and motivation when constantly battling technical issues.

c) Time and Effort Wasted

Attempting to resolve the out of memory error can consume valuable time and effort that could have been dedicated to creating art. The frustration and troubleshooting involved in resolving the error can be draining.

4. Tips to Prevent the Canvas Out of Memory Error

While encountering the Canvas Out of Memory Error can be frustrating, there are several proactive steps you can take to prevent its occurrence. Here are some helpful tips:

a) Optimize Your Canvas Size

Consider working with smaller canvas sizes or reducing the resolution when possible. By optimizing your canvas dimensions, you can significantly reduce memory usage and decrease the likelihood of encountering the out of memory error.

b) Simplify Your Layers and Effects

If you frequently use multiple layers or complex effects in your artwork, try to simplify them when possible. Merge unnecessary layers and minimize the use of resource-intensive effects to reduce memory usage.

c) Close Unnecessary Programs and Processes

Before starting your digital art session, close any unnecessary programs or processes running in the background. This will free up system resources and allocate more memory to the software or application you are using for your creative work.

d) Upgrade Your System’s Hardware

If you consistently work with large canvases and resource-intensive software, consider upgrading your computer’s hardware. Increasing your RAM capacity or upgrading to a more powerful processor can significantly improve your system’s performance and mitigate memory-related errors.

5. Solutions for Resolving the Canvas Out of Memory Error

Despite taking preventive measures, you may still encounter the Canvas Out of Memory Error. In such cases, here are some solutions you can try to resolve the issue:

a) Save Your Work Regularly

To mitigate potential data loss when encountering the error, make it a habit to save your work at regular intervals. This way, even if a crash occurs, you will have a recent backup to fall back on.

b) Close and Reopen the Software/Application

Sometimes, simply closing and reopening the software or application can resolve temporary memory allocation issues. This clears any cache or temporary files that might be causing the out of memory error.

c) Allocate More Virtual Memory

Increasing the virtual memory allocation on your computer can help alleviate memory-related errors. Adjusting virtual memory settings allows your system to use a portion of your hard drive as additional temporary memory when necessary.

d) Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can sometimes contribute to memory-related errors. Ensure that your graphics drivers are up to date by visiting the manufacturer’s website or using driver update software.

e) Use Dedicated Graphics Cards

If you frequently work with large canvases and resource-intensive software, consider investing in a dedicated graphics card. These cards are designed to handle graphic-intensive tasks efficiently and can help prevent memory-related errors.


The Canvas Out of Memory Error can be a frustrating roadblock for artists and digital creators. However, by understanding its causes and implications, implementing preventive measures, and utilizing the suggested solutions, you can greatly minimize its occurrence and focus on unleashing your creativity without unnecessary interruptions. Remember to optimize your canvas size, simplify layers and effects, upgrade hardware if necessary, and always save your work regularly. Happy creating!

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