91st Academy Awards winners prize money

The Oscar awards fever is on the rise, and people are going bonkers over the nominated films of 2018. Every year hundreds of movies are made, and the teams have high hope to get an entry into the Oscar movie list. However, not all of them go into Oscar’s prediction list as only the top-most loved movies find their place in the sun.

Without any doubt, Oscars are one of the most prestigious events where movies which have achieved global success are nominated for the award.

Still, along with the award, a huge sum of money is also bestowed to the winner. As per estimation, the money is said to be around $232,000. The prize money can even be more, and it depends all upon the discretion of the organizers. Let us gain an insight on the Oscars award winners prize money and know the complete information.

A Take on the Oscars Award Winners Prize Money

Firstly, the Awardees can get the Haze Vaporizer whose market value is $250. Other than this, personalized M&Ms can be given to the awardees based on preferences. This item’s worth is around $300 which is pretty much decent.

In addition, the person who will be the winner can get around ten thousand meal donations. This donation is all about rescue operations and shelter for animals which is indeed a good thing.

Furthermore, the nominee can get a chance to avail a lifetime benefit of Pu-erh tea ice cream and a cleansing bar. The estimated cost of these things is expected to be around $31,200.

For the beneficiary, they will get one-year car rentals free of cost. The costing for the same is said to be around $45,000.

Most important of all, the winner can get a whopping 10-days Israel trip for free. The actual costing of the trip can cost up to $55,000.

What’s more? The winner will get a chance to avail the benefit of a 15-days walking tour whose costing is estimated to be around $54,000.

The winner can even get a 10-days free personal training session by Alexis Seletzky which is said to be worth $900.

Of course, Oscar’s award-winning prize money is huge, and different fantastic surprises are still hidden.

As for the films, all of them must be competing at a relentless pace. Each one of them wants to win. But, in the end, only the film which is super awesome will get the title of the best film of the year in Oscar Awards.

Final Word of Mouth: Oscars Award Winners Prize Money

Oscars, without any doubt, is the biggest award show of Hollywood Industry. Top films compete with each other to become the very best and most coveted. We all know its all about artistic expression and not money in the end. Good work always gets rewarded.

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